Technical due diligence

The basis for an investment decision is prepared in conjunction with the legal requirement for due diligence (DD). An important part of the work is the dynamic cooperation with selected lawyers specializing in renewable energy. A holistic project is set up in an integrative way and involving continuous cross-consultation.

In this connection we provide the following types of technical DD:

  • Red flag DD: related to the current status with the recommendation of further checks; initial risk assessment. Final report following completion of checks.
  • Follow-up DD: technical DD with recommendations for improving the overall project and its performance, check on components, etc. Follow-up of the recommendations; final report.
  • Standard technical DD
  • Brief technical DD: presenting and checking the major technical parameters, with an evaluation.
  • High-level technical DD: presentation of all technical parameters, checking the planning, performance ratio, warranties, operation and maintenance contracts. Follow-up with the results incorporated into the legal DD document (third-party services).